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City of Parkland Information

The City of Parkland now has 3 Fire Stations that service all of Parkland's communities.

Fire Station 42
6500 Parkside Drive
Parkland, FL 33067

Fire Station 97
6650 University Drive
Parkland, FL 33067

Fire Station 109
11601 Hillsboro Boulevard
Parkland, FL 33076

Do you have Cub Scout, Girl Scout, school group or other youth group interested in a tour of a station? General questions for all stations, ph: 954-344-1800.

Broward Sheriff's Office is contracted to handle all of Parkland's Law enforcement services. Captain Jonathan Greenberg is Parkland's newest District Chief. Hailing from NYPD, Captain Greenberg has received numerous awards for his service in Child Protective Investigations, high crime areas and public safety. Captain Greenberg can be reached through BSO email at:
jonathan_greenberg/@/ or by calling Parkland's Public Safety Services at 954-753-5050.

Have a power related question or power failure? FPL handles all of Parkland's electric services. They have an interactive map that can show power related events in our area or the ability to report or check your electric status online. During hurricane season trees, branches or other debris often break loose and can knock down a power line. Remember, keep well clear of any downed or arcing power line and call 911. If you just moved to the area and are looking to hookup or disconnect your service, the local FPL number for the Parkland area is 954-797-5000.

Water conservation is always a concern these days. Florida cycles through various water abundances and shortages based on the level in Lake Okeechobee. The Army Corps of Engineers reports on and regulates the level of the lake. An up to date graph can easily be viewed on a daily basis.

The South Florida Water Management District services Parkland's water needs. Irrigation restrictions are issued on a County by County basis by SFWMD. If you live West of Parkside Drive, then for new water hookup, disconnection or broken water main, contact North Springs Improvement District 'NSID' directly at: 954-752-0400.

If you live East of Parkside drive then Coconut Creek handles your drinking water service, in most cases, at: 954-973-6732. Many residents in the Ranches do not have any city water hookup and use a well for their drinking water needs. Additionally, Pine Tree Water Control District handles sewer, wastewater and water management in this area too, ph: 954-753-5841.


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